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Overzicht profielen van artiesten - A (9)

After All - BE, Metal
After Forever - NL, Metal Gothic
After The Burial - US, Hardcore-Metal
After The Last Sky - GB, Grindcore / Experimental / Black Metal
Afterbirth - GB, Crust-Hardcore-Punk
Afterhours - IT, Rock
The Again - BE, Rock
Against Me - US, heartfelt social-political sing-a-long charisma incorporating aspects of folk, hardcore, alt-country, punk
Agalloch - US, Progressive-Folk-Black-Doom-Post-Metal
Agatha - IT, Noise-Rock
Agathocles - BE, Grindcore-Metal
Age Of Torment - BE, Thrash / Death Metal / Hardcore
Agent Fresco - IS, icelandic, rock, indie rock, awesome, math metal
Agent Steel - US, Speed-Metal