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Overzicht profielen van artiesten - B (41)

The Brew - GB, Classic Rock / Rock / Psychedelic
Brian Wilson - US, 60's Pop (Ex- Beach Boys)
Brickbat - BE
The Briefs - US, Seattle-based '70s day-glo new wave punk throwback
Brightblack Morning Light - US, experimental psyche pop
Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shadows - AU, Dark-Horror-Pop-Punk-Rock'n'Roll
Bring On The Junta - AU, Rock
Bring Out Your Dead - GB, Metal
Briskey - BE, Jazz Some call it nu-jazz, others just briskey: groovy beats, wild brass, bittersweet jazzy vocals, haunting vibraphones, pushing double bass lines and the combination of sampling and accoustic instruments.