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Overzicht profielen van artiesten - J (20)

John Watts - GB, rock, reggae, singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer from Fischer-Z
John Wayne Shot Me - NL, lo-fi/indie
John Wiese - US
John Young Band - GB, Sympho
Johnny And The MG's - BE, Blues-Rock
Johnny Berlin - BE, Rock
Johnny Cash - US, Country-Folk-Rock'n'Roll
Johnny Dowd - US, Singer-Songwriter, Alternative-Country
Johnny Foreigner - GB, Alternative-Indie-Rock
Johnny Goody - NL, singer-songwriter
Johnny Handsome & The Flexible Joints - NL, Roots Music / Rock / Pop
Johnny Stardust - NL, Indie-Brit-Pop-Rock
Johnny Superglu - BE, mix of dirty funk and RnB shiiit built on a foundation of dub roots
Johnny Unstoppable - BE, Hardcore
Johnny Winter - US, Blues-Rock
Johnson - NL, Pop-Rock
Joker - GB, Dubstep, Electronic