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Overzicht profielen van artiesten - P (30)

Purple Rainbow - NL, Tribute to Deep Purple
Purple Strangers - NL, Hard-Rock, Deep Purple cover band
Puscifer - US, Experimental, Industrial, Lounge feat. Maynard James Keenan of Tool and A Perfect Circle
Pushback - BE, Hardcore-Punk
Pushed Too Far - BE, Hardcore-Punk
The Pussywarmers - CH, Pop-Punk / Acousmatic / Tape music
Putrefied - NL, Metal
Putrid Inbred - BE, midtempo Grind with brutal Death Metal influences
Putrified - NL, sick downtuned US style Death Metal’
Puz - NL, Punk-Rock
PVT - BE, Metal
Pyramido - SE, Ambient / Down-tempo / Hardcore
Pythia - GB, Gothic-Metal