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05-07-2017 - All Out War vs Devour vs Pulse - JC Kavka

Datum: woensdag 05-07-2017 
Locatie: Jongerencentrum Kavka, Oudaan 14, 2000 Antwerpen, België
Start: 19:00 
Category: Concert 
Artiest(en): All Out War vs Devour vs Pulse;
Info: All Out War (us)
Pioneers of crazy & vicious deathcore with NYHC mosh parts & venomous vocals. Cro-Mags meet Carcass / Slayer. This brutal upstate NY band were doing this thing long before everyone else!

X Devour X (b)
Devour is 5-piece from the Limburg area of Belgium.
Their style of metallic hardcore is heavily influenced by bands such as Earth Crisis, Disembodied, All Out War and 90's edgemetal.
With (ex-) members of Blade, xHeartfeltx, Disinterred, Stroke Of Grace, Bliss

PULSE (b)