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27-06-2017 - MDC // Cease Fire // Electronic Pancakes - Magasin4

Datum: dinsdag 27-06-2017 
Locatie: Magasin4, Avenue du Port 51/B, 1000 Brussel, België
Start: 19:00 
Category: Concert 
Artiest(en): MDC // Cease Fire // Electronic Pancakes;
!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

» MDC (US) (Hardcore Punk)

Originally known to many as the Stains (not the other band of the same name from L.A. - and before that, the Reejex), the band's name was later changed to M.D.C. (Millions of Dead Cops). This bit of brilliance courtesy of Buxf Parrot, the hardcore bass player of our "sister band," The Dicks. M.D.C. put out (when still the Stains) their first two-song single as a 45 in 1981 which included their first classic hit and the still ever-popular "John Wayne was a Nazi" plus b-side "Born To Die." The original lineup of the band included Dave, Al Schvitz, and Mikey Offender Donaldson and (x-con ron) Ron Posner.

After their early 80's start, M.D.C. had released approximately one album every other year, (give or take), continuing recently with full lengths 1993's "Shades of Brown" and recently with "Now More Than Ever", a compilation/20 year retrospective of the band's work and the brand new "Magnus Dominus Corpus". What follows is a brief history of the musical, political organization that is M.D.C..

M.D.C., whether referring to the acronyms Millions of Dead Cops, Millions of Damn Christians, Millions of Dead Capitalists, Millions of Dead Congressmen, Millions of Dead Children, Missile Destroyed Civilization, or Multi-Death Corporation, Male Dominated Culture, Marine Death Corps, and Magnus Dominus Corpus (the Latin being a personal request of the pope for whom we played in San Francisco… until the secret service chose to practically throw us off the roof across street from the Mission Dolores Church back in '87 when Pope John Paul came to S.F.), have always attempted to make powerful, political statements that screamed loudly against political insanity in a punk scene often littered with meaningless personal topical babble. Their originality challenges (and often rivals, in the opinions of the die-hard fans) the Dead Kennedys (who originally helped co-produce M.D.C.'s first LP and released it abroad in Europe), due to M.D.C.'s blunt and radical views.

In their now past-25-year existence, M.D.C. did undoubtedly influence many bands of today. Their influence is evident in many modern anti-government-and-oppression oriented groups. Alternative duo "They Might Be Giants" mentions M.D.C. in their song "Rhythm Section Want Ad". In addition, M.D.C. is thanked in the liner credits of H20's first album, plus mentioned in NOFX songs entitled "Reagan Sucks" and “13 Stitches” and a Tribe 8 song as well. The cover of their fourth Album "Millions of Damn Christians" depiction of da Vinci's "Last Supper" with St. Al Schvitz, St. Dave, St. Franco and our lord, savior and raging guitarist, Gordon Fraser subbing for those other apostles (John, Jesus, Thomas and James the Greater) is one of the Christians rights 10 most evil and satanical albums. So sayeth the 700 Club and PTL (so much for the Pope's approval...oh well, you can't please everyone!).

In 1981, M.D.C. (then still known as the Stains) released what should be considered a legendary punk landmark single on 45, "John Wayne Was a Nazi" paired with "Born to Die." At this point, the band was slower and less polished than they would bec