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22-09-2017 - Mums // Irk // Snatch - Magasin4

Datum: vrijdag 22-09-2017 
Locatie: Magasin4, Avenue du Port 51/B, 1000 Brussel, België
Start: 20:00 
Category: Concert 
Artiest(en): Mums // Irk // Snatch;
Info: » MUMS (UK) (Noise Rock) Once Aeroplane Flies High, once Mothers, now Mums. Noise Rock trio from Widnes. Debut album 'Land of Giants' is out now on Superstar Destroyer. » IRK (UK) (Noise Rock) » SNATCH (Rock / Post Metal) SNATCH is a family affair. Initiated by four friends eager to play (or play again) together, the band is the meeting ground for different musical landscapes, sometimes radically different but with a common goal : groove, the Riff and sincerity. Firmly grounded in its past influences but looking forward. The four-piece works at creating a heavy, melodic, groovy music that bounces where you don't expect it. DETAILS :: + EVENT WEBSITE(S) + RESERVATIONS » PRESALES - PREVENTES - UTICK + ENTRANCE : 8€ + OPENING HOUR : 20:00 + ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4: