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10-08-2002 - Ska & Oi! Punk Party with DJ Malik & DJ Mickel;

Datum: zaterdag 10-08-2002 
Locatie: Negasonic Music Club, Pontstraat 68, 9300 Aalst, België
Organisator: Negasonic Music Club
Start: 19:00 
Category: Concert 
Artiest(en): Ska & Oi! Punk Party with DJ Malik & DJ Mickel; Unite Against Society;
Opmerking: Free
Info: Unite Against Society, heading from Herentals Rock City. Four friends united in a band started playing for fun back in 1995. After their first gig with The End Of Ernie and Funeral Dress in their hometown, they were on track and since then they have played with bands like The Business, Charge 69, The Casualties, 999, UK Subs, Funeral Dress and many more... in Belgium, Holland & Germany. They like to play for both punk and skin (others also welcome of course!) and they don’t like political bullshit on their gigs. Politics, both left- and rightwing, are destroying the scene and have nothing to do with OI-music!! That’s why they also support the Sharp-movement.

They bring hard-hitting brickwall OI, based on the old bands like 4-Skins, The Business, Blitz, Angelic Upstarts,... but with a style of their own. But you have to listen and hear for yourself ofcourse!!!