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05-11-2017 - Bad Temper Joe (D) - café de loge

Datum: zondag 05-11-2017 
Locatie: café de loge, Annonciadenstraat 5, 9000 Gent, België
Start: 20:30 
Category: Concert 
Artiest(en): Bad Temper Joe (D);
Info: Bad Temper Joe takes the listener on a powerful and emotionally charged journey through the world of acoustic blues.

His new album "Solitary Mind" is unashamedly bluesier than his previous releases and he doesn't shy away from the familiar 12- bar pattern. On Joe's latest long-player, the classic blues verse form often serves as the musical foundation for this collection of stories and creative musings, by turns entertaining, thought-provoking and amusing. From the fhe foot-tapping shuffle "In The Shade" or the guitar-drenched slow blues "Made Up Woman", to the the lapsteel tour de force "Honey For My Biscuit", all songs are original compositions which walk a fine line between earthy blues and country ballads. "Love Song at 4am" or "Approximately Little Snow White Blues" showcase his more sensitive side, whereas "What It Takes" or "Queen of Dwarfs" are low down and dirty blues.

With "Solitary Mind", Bad Temper Joe succeeds in stamping his own unmistakeable identity on the music, combining emotional impact with creative songwriting to create a powerful and unusual sound of his own, while remaining true to the spirit of the real deep blues.