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13-10-2017 - ? Wild Hearts Party ? - Odessa Amsterdam

Datum: vrijdag 13-10-2017 
Locatie: Odessa Amsterdam, Veemkade 259, Amsterdam, Nederland
Start: 19:30 
Category: Concert 
Artiest(en): ? Wild Hearts Party ?;
Info: WildHearts is a place where you are free. You are invited to follow your heart, creativity and inspiration. We step into a new playful world, a world that tickles and awakens you. Be alive, surprise yourself!

? Consciousness meets Sensuality meets Art ?

This is a very special evening, where you are invited to open up your Lifeforce energy and show yourself as you are. We also open up our senses and enjoy life to the fullest. All within a safe space where your boundaries are respected.

Door open (be on time to have a good spot for the workshop!) :

? 20:00 Awakening Lifeforce (dancing&connecting with the 4 elements)
? 21:30 Party with DJ Rakesh (progressive and sexy wild beats)

And also....
MUCH MORE!! Announced soon!!

Plus of course
? Hottub and Sauna

We invite everyone to make the evening even more special by dressing yourself creative, sexy & wild. Don't have the suitable clothes? Don't worry, we have a shop with all kind of exciting clothes.Clothing inspiration:

During the evening there will be many tickling experiences, such as performances and a mystery card game. Cards are hidden in the space, and they contain a secret message...

The communal opening will make you connect with others, shake off what you don't need anymore and awaken your lifeforce. We will dive into the body and our breathing. We do this by dancing with the elements: earth, air, fire and water. Each element has its own quality and vibration. For example, earth is more inward and less movement, and air is more playful and full or connection. Let nature fill your cells!

After the dance with elements we create a transformative fire, in which you are invited to throw in what you don't need anymore...together we stand strong!

After the opening we are ready to dive into an unforgettable experience: play, tickle and wake up!

Earlybird: €16,-
Presale: €18,-
door: €20,-

TICKETS presale

A beautiful ship at the dock
Odessa, Veemkade 259, Amsterdam

* This is a drug and alchohol free space
* Pleae bring your swimming suit and towel for the spa area

Parking places in the neigbourhood or at this parking garage: