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12-08-2017 - Pride Night - PRIDE NIGHT

Datum: zaterdag 12-08-2017 
Locatie: PRIDE NIGHT, rijnkaai 2, 2000 Antwerp, België
Start: 22:00 
Category: Concert 
Artiest(en): Pride Night;
Info: Antwerp Pride Night is a brand new initiative by some of Antwerp’s leading openminded parties. Since this year’s theme is „Love United”, this was the perfect occasion to bring them together and create one main Antwerp Pride Night Event. Key players in this large scale project are: Extravaganza, Cafe De Love and Red&Blue with 2 of its very own concepts „Propaganda” and „Obscura”. The enormous venue in the Antwerp port „De Shop” will, together with its adjacent rooms „Club Vaag” and „Velvet Lounge” be the perfect location to make this event a night never to forget. This multiple rooms complex is located at „Rijnkaai 2” in Antwerp. However „Obscura”, which is the after hours event, will take place in the infamous club Red&Blue (or Cargo) itself.
Antwerp Pride Night, the official closing celebration will be one with international allure, hosting artists and deejays from all over the Globe.