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09-06-2018 - Ep Release: My Friend The Atom + Support: White Van

Datum: zaterdag 09-06-2018 
Locatie: Negasonic Music Club, Pontstraat 68, 9300 Aalst, België
Start: 20:00 
Category: Concert 
Artiest(en): Ep Release: My Friend The Atom + Support: White Van Men
Info: EP Release My Friend The Atom
Rock. Soul. Stoner. Groove. Dark.

Dark Matter, still unknown to man. Uncharted territory, that's where My Friend The Atom hangs out. Instantly recognisable, but unlike everything you've heard.

Loud enough to topple down skyscrapers, while keeping the girls dancing. Punch you in the gut, then hand you a beer.

With their heavy guitar riffs, funky bass tones, groovy drum rhythms and a unique voice, they come to peel off the itchy smile off the pretty picture and break into pieces the schemes that pushed you into zanax & ritalin.


Support by White Van Men - Bluesrock
"De Bluesrock van de White Van Men is zeer groovy en bevat bovendien een expliciet ruw randje"..."Goed. Echt goed!"