concertkalender België Nederland

30-09-2005 - Chaos Vs Maze; Jazzper Feat. Discobal Johnson;

Datum: vrijdag 30-09-2005 
Locatie: Silo, Vaartkom 39, 3000 Leuven, België
Deuren: 23:00 
Start: 23:00 
Category: Party 
Artiest(en): Chaos Vs Maze; Jazzper Feat. Discobal Johnson; Lysergic; Alexis Pattersun; Wixel; Jug; Mastasini; N-flow; Tino; N.i.k.o. (fr); Hugh Like; Mary Jane*crisp; Wasaia; Nocif Vs Sivec; Ecco; The Camden Electronic Animals; Dan Droff & Chili Palmer; Clar & Cameo; Josh Lasden;
Genre: Electronic 
Subgenre: Techno - Electro - Progressive - Minimal - Live Electronica 
Info: Once again all 3 rooms of Silo will be packed with loads of raw talent. This time our musical story will guide you through the forest of techno, electro, acid, progressive, minimal, tech-house, chilled out beats and further...

Main Room:
*Nocif vs Sivec
*Dan Droff & Chili Palmer
*N.i.k.o. (FR)
*Charles Bells (live)
*ChAos vs Maze
*Mary Jane

Silo Café:
*Dj Electronique
*Tropik (UK)
*Clar & Cameo

1st Floor Chill-out:
*Josh Lasden
*Hugh Like
*Jazzper feat. Discobal Johnson
*Alexis Pattersun

= 6 Live Acts =

Je m'en fish is an electronic music collective. Their team exists of talented Belgian musicians, visual artists, graphical designers, and event organisers. Six of their artists will amaze you with their live electronics!

*Eega X
*The Camden Electronic Animals
*+wicked keyboard show: Mastasini

= 8 VJS =

Self made video-arts remixed live on 3 huge screens brought to you by:

*AM Monolog and Mr. GorillaH