concertkalender Belgiƫ Nederland

30-11-2007 - Dj Schallplattenpolizie & Dj Taco Fett; Omar-jive;

Datum: vrijdag 30-11-2007 
Locatie: Bitterzoet, Spuistraat 2, Amsterdam, Nederland
Organisator: John106
Deuren: 19:30 
Start: 20:00 
Category: Festival 
Evenement: BLACKSOIL   
Artiest(en): Dj Schallplattenpolizie & Dj Taco Fett; Omar-jive; Josh & Romeo Bboy City; Turkeys; Mighty Zulu Kingz; Mikly Mind 180;
Genre: Urban 
Info: Vrijdag 30 November
20.00 uur bovenzaal Inside the Circle
22.00 uur bovenzaal Boombap presents: The Education of Sonny Carson
20.00 uur benedenzaal Rock Ya Soul session IV + afterparty

Black Soil Filmfestival
Rock Ya Soul Sessions IV
The Black Soil "Inside the Circle" Afterparty

Featuring: DJ Schallplattenpolizie & DJ Taco Fett (Waxwell records/struttin), OMAR-Jive, JOSH & ROMEO Bboy City, Turkeys/Mighty Zulu Kingz, MIKLY Mind 180

No organized battles, no showcases, no judges, no time limit to save you. Just bringing peeps together to Rock their souls on the floor while the DJ's play some serious funk!!! CJ Schallplattenpolizie & DJ Taco Fett in the house so you know it's on and poppin!

Special Guests
SIDESHOW (Ultimate Desperados/Soul Warriors, Sweden)
FUEGO (Monstribe-Bulgaria)
RABBANI (Holland)
ROCK BANDIT (Forever We Rock/Rock So Fresh, USA/Spain)
d180 and ROMEO-BBoy City, Texas.

Canvas expo by WISEKID (Skilldealerz Crew, NL-Poland)

Dancer of the evening cops a special prize. BE THERE!!!

promo video jam here

Time : 19.30 - 0:400
Damage: 5 Euro Before 23:00 uur / 7,50 euro After 23:00 uur & FREE for Black Soil filmvisitors (show filmticket of that day