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21-04-2017 - Messer Chups // The Poneymen // MDME SPKR - Magasin4

Datum: vrijdag 21-04-2017 
Locatie: Magasin4, Avenue du Port 51/B, 1000 Brussel, België
Start: 20:00 
Category: Concert 
Artiest(en): Messer Chups // The Poneymen // MDME SPKR;
Info: » MESSER CHUPS (RUS) (Surf)

MESSER CHUPS are - Oleg Gitaracula on guitar, Zombierella on bass-guitar, and Boris Israel on drums.
Formed in 1998 as an experimental side project of Oleg Gitarkin, the front man of Messer für Frau Müller, Messer Chups play a mix of surf, garage and music from horror B-movies. The band derives inspiration from various sources, making something similar to sound collages that involve, among other things, samples from circus music, jazz and East European animation soundtracks. Messer Chups have released 10 albums, some of which were re-issued in Australia, the United States and Germany, while individual Messer Chups tracks made it to many international compilations.

Since the Ipecac release, Messer Chups has slowly developed a cult following around the world as one of the most unique and genre-defiant bands.

» THE PONEYMEN (surf caballero)

Who the fuck are the Poneymen?

In the year 2010, a flying saucer crashed somewhere on Earth. Some strange half human half pony creatures woke up with no memory. They did not remember who they were and even less so where they came from. The only thing that was for sure was that they were coming from out of space and that they had no connection anymore with their own planet.

So they just had one thing to do : survive! But how to survive?

They had the chance to be taken in by a strange community of people who happened to be fond of ponies. These people did not care about how strange it was to see these beings with human body and poney face. Who cares? Anyway, in this community they discovered by chance that they could find a human appearance. How? Just sweating! But how could they sweat? Just playing guitar during a while!

So they grabbed guitars and started playing while playing movies from their previous live performances. If they don't sing, it is because they don't know any human language. Back in time, they came across some fellows such as Chuck Norris, Steven Seagall, Stephan Derrick or Jean-Michel Surfdou. But after a short work together, they all strangely disappeared. And when they came back, they didn't look the same anymore...

After a short trip to the US, they decided to stay in Belgium for two reasons : that country doesn't know any real rock’n’roll band and moreover they really want to meet JCVD!

Welcome in the surf poney world!

» MDME SPKR (UK) (Indie Rock / Noise Rock)

"Primitive and raw, there is a vitality to MDME SPKR's "Humanoid" that is missing in much of music today. It's a proper mental flossing that cleans your musical palate and lays waste to the sea of bland bands that litter the internet." Dave W. (White Hills) ///

"Ego-destroying and powerful soul music in the true sense of the word" Demian Castellanos (The Oscillation) ///

"MDME SPKR make a dirty fuzzed up noise that sends me back to a Seattle,New York,Chicago or Washington basement in 1987" Chris Reeder(Rocket Recordings) ///

"Sludgy, apocalyptic doompunk of the highest order” Steven Krakow(Plastic Crimewave ) Drag City ///

"Discharge without guitar solos" Utrillo (Comets On Fire) ///

"MDME SPKR is a monster, a voice from your conscience playing ball with your fears." Rita Kox ///

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