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Elvenking / Finsterforst / Firtan / Evertale at DVG; Roeselare;
Cold as life / Whatever it takes / Hold the crown;
Knock out Kaine; support;
SOLD OUT: ULI JON ROTH - Tokyo Tapes Revisited at DVG; Roeselare;
The Servants - Nirvana Tribute; support at DVG; Roeselare;
CarCamShad Festival;
The Curse - Snide - Zuperking;
Metalparty XVII at De Verlichte Geest; Roeselare;
Lying Figures // My Lament // Svarthart;
Ghost Bath x Heretoir x Drawn Into Descent;
The Guns N' Roses Experience UK; Saints of Los Angeles at DVG;
On The Way;
Picture at De Verlichte Geest; Roeselare;
Knuckledust showcase;
Fallbrawl; Enemy Mind at De Verlichte Geest; Roeselare;
Raven // Hirax // Kill Ritual at De Verlichte Geest; Roeselare;
Saille Lemuria Welicoruss Yaotzin Verlichte Geest;
Malevolence x No Zodiac x Revulsion x Vicious;