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Sunshine concerts vzw Antwerpen (België)

Naam: Sunshine concerts vzw 
Afkorting: Sunshine concerts 
Adres: lange van bloerstraat 75
2060 Antwerpen (Antwerpen)
België (Antwerpen)
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Tel: +32 (0)485/12.32.84 
Extra info: Sunshine concerts as an organization is open to meet and work with passionate people and all art forms are welcome. We are maybe more widely known for our concerts but we are also very active with many socio-cultural projects via our sister organization Sunshine projects. These projects include films, photography, painting, drawings, dance, theatre etc. Contact us for more details: or call the mobile: 0485 123 284 - The future of music is live. What does Sunshine concerts do? We organize sabam free concerts. That means that bands who have their music under license by sabam (or even just a member of sabam) cannot play for us at all. This is due to the contracts between the artists and sabam - ALL written or future work is automatically under license. That means that a promoter/organization has to pay sabam for an artist under contract with sabam even if they play music that is not registered with sabam. That is a pity for us and the bands and all thanks to the unfriendly attitude and working system within the sabam company towards music and her artists. sabam is a private company/business and what do you think their main goal is as private company...? Our advice to artists is to check Creative Commons or ASCAP out. Sunshine concerts can work with both of these organizations without any problems - we can play the music of the bands (Cd''s) at all our concerts and the bands can also play live gigs for us. The music is under license but the practical working is more flexible towards the artists needs/wishes. For original bands (artists who write their own music) this is very interesting. 
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