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29-12-2017 - A Slice Of Life + Strangeways

Datum: vrijdag 29-12-2017 
Deuren: 20:00 
Start: 20:30 
Category: Concert 
Artiest(en): A Slice Of Life + Strangeways 
Genre: Wave 
Subgenre: Post-Punk 
Info: A Slice Of Life - 21u30

A Slice Of Life is a Belgian post-punk band formed in 2015. Their sound is inspired by the dark underground bands from the 80's-90's. The mood is rather gloomy but the songs are catchy. Their first demo ep gets very good reviews;

Strangeways - 20u30
+ DJ System Error (Dark) Electro, New Wave, Dance, Techno, Rave,...) 
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