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Nederland  do 18/05/17 Goes  Beest, 't  
Torgeir Waldemar 
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Nederland  vr 16/06/17 Goes  Beest, 't  
King Of The World 
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vr 30/06/17 Diepenbeek O.C. Rooierheid  
Bluebird ( Be) , The Liberators ( NL), Ana Popovic ( SRB/US), Cosmo's Foger T ( Be) 
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za 01/07/17 Diepenbeek O.C.Rooierheide  
Helix Electrix ( Be),Mike's Electric Mud ( NL), Fossen é Struijk Band ( Nl), The Leroi Brothers ( Usa), Toronzo Cannon ( Usa), Imperial Crowns ( Usa),Doghouse Sam Blues Revue feat Stef Paglia ( Be) 
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za 26/08/17   -  
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Nederland  vr 22/12/17 Goes  Beest, 't  
The Charm, The Fury 
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