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vr 16/08/19 Haacht Wespelaar centr  
Steven Troch Band (B), Lucky Peterson feat. Tamara Tramell (USA), Tinsley Ellis (USA) (Free)
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za 17/08/19 Haacht Wespelaar centr  
Dave Warmerdam Band (NL), Vitor Bacalhau (PT), Johnny Burgin and Quique Gomez (USA), Watermelon Slim (USA), Bobby Radcliff Band (USA), Jamiah Rogers (USA), Shemekia Copeland (USA) (Free)
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zo 18/08/19 Haacht Wespelaar centr  
Stef Paglia Band (B), Dany Franchi (IT), Whitney Shay (USA), Breezy Rodio (USA), Kirk Fletcher (USA), Mud Morganfield (USA) (Free)
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vr 13/09/19   -  
Ben Poole 
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za 14/09/19   -  
Belle and The Beats + support 
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vr 20/09/19   -  
Smelly Kitchen EP-presentatie 
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di 24/09/19   -  
Da Doo Ron Ron Ron Phil Spector's legendary Wall of Sound (try out 
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vr 11/10/19   -  
80s/90s In The Mix met Ben Liebrand & DJ Sandstorm 
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vr 18/10/19   -  
Tim Knol & The Blue Grass Boogiemen 
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za 19/10/19   -  
The Great Sixties! The Bootleg Doors, Mindbenders, Clearwater Creedence Revival 
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do 24/10/19   -  
Jozef van Wissem + Empusae 
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vr 25/10/19   -  
Bluesroute: Flavium 
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vr 01/11/19   -  
Kat Riggins & Erwin Java Band 
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za 02/11/19   -  
Night of the Progs Absolutely Floyd & Progtributes 
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za 30/11/19   -  
Steffen Morrison 
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vr 13/12/19   -  
Vannstein the ultimate Rammstein tribute band 
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vr 20/12/19   -  
BRUUT & Anton Goudsmit 
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za 15/02/20   -  
ABBA Rocks! 
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za 29/02/20   -  
Eric Bell (Thin Lizzy) + Bullfrog Taste Express 
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